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08:50    Registration

09:20    Welcome

Plenary Lecture One
09:30 Ultra-processed food and human health
Dr Renata Bertazzi Levy, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

10:15 Break in programme

Symposium One: Health effects of food processing
10:45 Can ultra-processed foods be healthy?
Professor Pete Wilde, The Quadram Institute, UK

11:10 Ultra-processed foods and risk of chronic diseases: findings from the NutriNet-Santé cohort
Dr Bernard Srour, Sorbonne Paris Nord University, France

11:35 The impact of matrix structure on postprandial lipid responses to dairy products
Dr Louise Kjølbæk, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

12:00 Panel Discussion

12:15 Lunch

13:15 Original Communications Session One

14:45 Break in programme

Symposium Two: Changing dietary patterns and health
15:10 The low FODMAP diet: where are we and what are the long-term considerations?
Dr Miranda Lomer, King’s College London, UK

15:35 Comparative effects of animal meat and plant-based meat alternatives on markers of cardiovascular and gut health
Professor Christopher Gardner, Stanford University, USA

16:00 Health effects of food additives old and new
Professor Gunter Kuhnles, University of Reading, UK

16:25 Panel discussion

16:40 Break in programme

17:00 Cuthbertson Medal Lecture

17:50 Drinks reception