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Dr Emma Foster

I graduated from Aberdeen University in 1998 with an MSc in Human Nutrition and Metabolism. In September 1998 I came to Newcastle University to work as a Research Assistant at the Human Nutrition Research Centre and in January 1999 secured a post as a Research Associate. Most of my research to date has focused on methods of assessing dietary intake of children. In 2004 I completed my PhD on the subject of Dietary Assessment in Primary School Children under staff regulations. In 2011 I was appointed Lecturer in Public Health Nutrition.

Dr Kathryn Hart

Research Interests:

How much Vitamin D do we actually need and what happens if we don’t achieve this?

  • Is fortification with Vitamin D2 or D3 equally effective in raising wintertime serum Vitamin D levels in South Asian and Caucasian women? (the D2:D3 study)
  • How much Vitamin D do UK adolescent require to achieve an adequate status? (the ODIN study)
  • What is the relationship between Vitamin D status and bone turnover and how does this differ by ethnicity (South Asian and Caucasian) and menopausal status? (further analysis of the D-FINES cohort)

How can we improve the pre-conception health and pregnancy outcomes of women in the UK?

  • How prevalent is pregnancy after bariatric surgery (BS) in the UK, how is this managed and what is the impact on maternal and infant outcomes? (PADOS)
  • How does bariatric surgery impact on diabetes before and during pregnancy and how should gestational diabetes be screened for and managed in women with prior-BS? (PADOS)
  • Can an ‘app’ improve adherence to pre-conception and pregnancy lifestyle guidelines? (the SmarterPregnancy trial)

What is the role of diet in the aetiology and pathophysiology of Paediatric Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)?

  • Do the diets of children with NAFLD differ from those of weight-matched controls?
  • How does diet and dietary change impact on NAFLD progression?

How can we classify and optimise the role of diet in healthy ageing?

  • What is the role of diet in the onset and progression of dementia?
  • What factors affect malnutrition in the older adult population and how do these differ by care setting (freeliving/care home/hospital) and country (Malaysia/UK)?