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08:30  Registration and refreshments
09:20  Welcome and introductions

09:30  Choosing dietary assessment methods
Dr Emma Foster,  Lecturer, University of Newcastle

10:30  Minimising error in data collection 1 – Gathering intake data
Dr Kathryn Hart, Lecturer in Nutrition and Dietetics, University of Surrey

12:00  Refreshments

12:10  Minimising error in data collection 2 – Conversion nutrient data
Dr Kathryn Hart

13:30  Lunch and one-to-one sessions

14:30  Analysing dietary data: Diet pattern analysis, adjustment for energy intake  

16:00  Refreshments

16:10  New approaches to dietary assessment 
Dr Emma Foster

17:00  Close of day

Additional reading:

Accurate reporting of food intake can be challenging and there are many factors that contribute, not least, the method by which the intake is recorded. In this free to access article available here, published in Proceedings of the Nutrition Society journal, Phyllis Stumbo from the University of Iowa explains the history of dietary assessment and reviews digital methods in improving food record accuracy.