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Dr Bernard Corfe

Dr Bernard Corfe joined the University of Sheffield as a lecturer in 2002 following training in molecular pharmacology.  Dr Crofe is now editor for European Journal of Nutrition, Nutrition and Cancer, International Journal of Experimental Pathology and Journal of Integrated Omics journals.

Dr Corfe's research training was in microbial molecular biology and his first postdoc was in Sheffield with Professor Anne Moir in the Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. Dr Corfe subsequently worked with Professor Caroline Dive in Manchester, studying the regulation of apoptosis in response to chemotherapeutic drugs. It was through this research that he became interested in the regulation of apoptosis by butyrate.

Professor Basma Ellahi

Basma Ellahi is Professor of Public Health Nutrition in the Faculty of Health and Social Care, University of Chester and section editor for Journal of Health, Population and Nutrition and editor of Handbook of Nutrition Research.  Having spent nine years in senior management roles, developing and leading initiatives in nutrition and health subjects Basma now focusses on research development, both nationally and internationally, in the Public Health Nutrition Research Group she directs and which employs a number of researchers on various grants.  Her current research areas include diabetes management, older persons and malnutrition, portion size control in south Asians. 

Basma is a Registered Nutritionist, African Nutrition Society member, an elected member of AfN Council and Course Accreditation Committee as well as a registration portfolio assessor. She is the PI for the Malnutrition project.