Iodine supplementation in pregnancy – international recommendations and the evidence base

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Dr Sarah Bath, University of Surrey

Dr Bath's main research interest is the extent of iodine deficiency in UK pregnant women, and the effect that this may have on child neurodevelopment. Dr Bath currently sits on the committee of the UK Iodine Group, and on the Scientific Advisory Board of the World Iodine Association (WIA). 

Dr Sarah Bath' s main research interest is iodine, a field she has been working in since 2009. Her research focuses on iodine status in the UK, the dietary predictors of iodine status, and the implications of iodine deficiency on the developing brain.

Dr Bath worked as a clinical dietitian in the NHS before returning to the University of Surrey to research iodine status in pregnancy and its implications for my PhD (2009-2012).  She held a Medical Research Council (MRC) Population Health Scientist Fellowship (2013-2016),  which furthered her work on iodine.

Since joining the Department of Nutritional Sciences as a lecturer (in 2016) she has continued research her research on iodine and collaborates with other academics in the UK and across Europe. 

Dr Sarah Bath currently teaches on undergraduate programmes (across all levels) and on a number of modules for both nutrition MSc courses. She teaches iodine, public health nutrition, statistics, critical appraisal and research methods.  

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