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08:00 Morning Yoga - Register here
Hallam Hall

09:00 Welcome
Pennine Lecture Theatre
Jenny Paxman, Sheffield Hallam University, UK

09:05 British Journal of Nutrition Paper of the Year Award Lecture
The association between restricted intrauterine growth and inadequate postnatal nutrition in very-low-birth-weight infants and their neurodevelopmental outcomes: a 50-month follow-up study.

Dr Sara Jimenez Montilla, University of Granada, Spain.

09:35 Break in Programme
Heartspace Atrium

Symposium Six: Navigating dietary trends
09:55 Promoting and disseminating consistent and responsible nutrition messages:  Challenges and opportunities
Dr Carrie Ruxton, The Nutrition Society, UK

10:25 Surplus superpowers: The social value of surplus food in community settings
Dr Megan Blake, University of Sheffield, UK

10:55 Beyond Ultra-processed
Professor Ciarán Forde, Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands

11:25 Panel discussion

11:55 Panel Discussion 
Sustainable diets in turbulent times; identifying the gaps, societal challenges and solutions
Discussion panel members

Barbara Bray, MBE Food safety and Nutrition Consultant, UK
Professor Peter Jackson, Co-Director of the University of Sheffield Institute for Sustainable Food, UK

12:50 Closing Remarks
Dr Jenny Paxman, Sheffield Hallam University, UK
Dr Elizabeth Williams, University of Sheffield, UK

13:00 Close of Conference
Take away lunch
Heartspace Atrium