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11:00 The British Journal of Nutrition 75th Anniversary Event Registration open
Heartspace Atrium

11:15 The British Journal of Nutrition (BJN) 75th Anniversary celebration
Hallam View
As the BJN celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2022, you are invited to join a special networking event, jointly hosted with the Nutrition Society Training Academy. Find out more

This event is free to attend but please indicate your interest when registering for the conference.

Hosted jointly with the Nutrition Society Training Academy

13:15 Conference Registration 
Heartspace Atrium

13:50 Welcome
Pennine Lecture Theatre
Jenny Paxman, Sheffield Hallam University, UK
Professor Julie Lovegrove, President of The Nutrition Society, University of Reading, UK

14:00 Theme Highlights
Pennine Lecture Theatre
Nutrition in the treatment, management and prevention of diseases
Evidence of increased intestinal absorption of cholesterol after the replacement of dietary saturated with unsaturated fats. Findings from the RISSCI-1 study

Dr Athanasios Koutsos, University of Glasgow, UK

14:20 Nutrition and optimum life course
Supporting doctors’ in the workplace: findings from a qualitative study

Kiu Sum, University of Westminster, UK

14:40 Foods Systems
Supermarket top-up of Healthy Start vouchers effectively increases fruit and vegetable purchases in low-income households

Madeleine Thomas, University of Leeds, UK

15:00 Novel nutrition research methodologies and technologies
Individual behavioural factors are associated with compliance and response to a wholegrains and nuts intervention - a proof of principle interventional N-of-1 study

Tilly Potter, Rowett Institute, University of Aberdeen, UK

15:20 Break in programme
Heartspace Atrium

16:00 Silver Medal Award Lecture
Pennine Lecture Theatre
Personalised nutrition for metabolic health
Dr Sarah Berry, King’s College London, UK

16:45 Closing of Day

17:00 Social & Networking Event
Sheffield Showcase: Greener, Fairer, Healthier

Hallam Hall, Sheffield Hallam University