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10.00 Welcome

10.05 Plenary Lecture Five
Food policy in the UK and what it means for nutritionists
Emeritus Professor Tim Lang, City University of London, UK

Theme Highlights
10.35 Public Health Nutrition

An intervention to increase consumption of bitter vegetables in late pregnancy reduces infants’ disliking of bitter vegetables at weaning
Jen Miller, University of Aberdeen, UK

10.55 Cellular and Molecular Nutrition
Adipose tissue inflammation in human obesity and response to chronic marine omega-3 fatty acid supplementation: the BIOCLAIMS study at the University of Southampton
Dr Helena Fisk, University of Southampton, UK

11.15 Whole Body Metabolism
Effects of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids on thrombogenic risk markers in subjects with moderate risk for CVD
Esra Bozbas, University of Reading, UK

11.35 Break in programme

12.00 Symposium five - Changing immune function through nutrition
Human milk and immune development: A role for complex oligosaccharides
Dr Sarah Comstock, Michigan State University, USA

Nutrition and the ageing immune system: implications for COVID-19
Professor Parveen Yaqoob, University of Reading, UK

Panel discussion

12.00 Symposium six – Changing methods in nutrition science
Big data and novel food-related assessment methods
Dr Richard Harrington, University of Oxford, UK

A biochemical perspective into nutrition and its interplay with the microbial-mammalian supraorganism
Professor Jonathan Swann, University of Southampton, UK

Panel discussion

13.00 Original communications
Oral Session Five
Oral Session Six

14.00 Break in programme

14.15 Meet the speaker
An opportunity to ask speakers about their careers, highlights and learnings
Professor Parveen Yaqoob, University of Reading, UK
Professor Jonathan Swann, University of Southampton, UK

15.00 Plenary Lecture Six
The dietary role of plant-based foods in the first 8000 days (early life and adolescence
Dr Janette Walton, Munster Technological University, Cork, Republic of Ireland

15.30 Plenary Lecture Seven
Plant-based diets and long-term health
Professor Tim Key, University of Oxford, UK

16.00 Plenary discussion

16.15 Closing remarks

16.30 Close of Conference