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Postgraduate Conference 2021

8.50 Welcome
Careers talk – where to after PhD?

9.00 Dr Alexandra Cremona (University of Limerick)
9.30 Dr Yvonne Lenighan (Nestle)
10.00 Dr Aileen McGloin (SafeFood)
10.30 Dr Catherine Logan (Kellogg’s)

11.00 Break in programme

11.10 Thesis-in Three presentations

12.10 Curriculum Vitae clinic - how to write a standout CV
Brendan Lally, Careers Service, University of Limerick, Ireland

13.10 Break in programme

14.00 Thesis-in Three presentations

15.00 How to get published
Professor Jayne Woodside, Queen’s University Belfast & Cambridge University Press, UK

16.10 Break in programme

16.10 Looking after your Mental Health: the PhD student perspective
Dr Hannah McCormack, Rugby Players Ireland, Ireland

17.00 Public Engagement & Social Media
Dr Aimee Stapleton, Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre, University College Cork, Ireland
Tina Darb, APC Microbiome Ireland's Communications Manager, Cork, Ireland

17.30 Thesis-in Three Winners Announcement

17.40 Close of day