Winter Conference 2017: Diet, nutrition and the changing face of cancer survivorship

Cancer is no longer a terminal diagnosis. Increasing numbers of people are surviving, but with ever more chronic conditions they need good nutritional advice.  However, the scientific evidence to support this is sparse.

This conference, in partnership with the Royal Society of Medicine, will explore the role of nutrition at multiple points in the cancer pathway. Whilst the evidence base for cancer prevention is growing and consolidating there is a growing need to:

Winter Conference 2016: Diet, Nutrition and Mental Health and Wellbeing

Recent reports suggest 70 million working days are lost to stress alone and the cost to the UK economy amounts to as much as 4.5% GDP.  With an ageing population age-associated conditions, such as dementia are becoming ever more prevalent, likewise depression and other psychopathologies are elevated risk comorbidities with obesity and unchecked rises in this condition will surely associate with a decline in the population’s mental health and wellbeing. Nutrition has been implicated in behaviour, mood and in the pathology and treatment of mental illness.

Introduction to Food Policy

This one day workshop offers an overview of the policy cycle and the factors that organisations have to consider when deciding the details of a policy. It explores what a policy is and what prompts a policy to be developed and reviewed.  Group work and discussions using relevant case studies will enable attendees to understand the process and put it into context to suit their needs.


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