How crowdsourcing helped to evaluate the healthiness of chain restaurant meals

This month's Paper of the Month is from Public Health Nutrition and is entitled ‘Evaluating the healthiness of chain-restaurant menu items using crowdsourcing: a new method'. Lead author, Lenard I Lesser, discusses the importance of consumer education on the healthiness of fast food restaurants.

New perspectives on dairy and cardiovascular health

This month's Paper of the Month is from Proceedings of the Nutrition Society and is entitled ‘Milk and dairy produce and CVD: new perspectives on dairy and cardiovascular health'. Authors, Julie A. Lovegrove and Ditte A.

Surprising new study reveals maternal vitamin D status may not benefit bone health in offspring

New mobile methods for dietary assessment

A major challenge in nutritional epidemiology is assessing dietary intake accurately enough to be able to reveal diet health associations. Read our Q&A with Professor Carol Boushey, University of Hawaii, USA, who will be presenting her work on new mobile methods for dietary assessment during the Summer Meeting. see the full programme here.

The role of emotion regulation in childhood obesity

This month's Paper of the Month is from Nutrition Research Reviews and is entitled ‘The role of emotion regulation in childhood obesity: implications for prevention and treatment’.  The authors discuss the importance of emotional regulation strategies and implications for intervention.

Association of protein intake with the change of lean mass among elderly women

This month's Paper of the Month is from Journal of Nutritional Science and is entitled 'Association of protein intake with the change of lean mass among elderly women: The Osteoporosis Risk Factor and Prevention – Fracture Prevention Study (OSTPRE-FPS)'.  Lead author, Masoud Isanejad, discusses why protein intake and vitamin D supplement

New technology in nutrition research and practice

Technological advances bring new opportunities for scientific research to aid our understanding of human mechanisms.  This enables researchers and practitioners to build on traditional methods using different assessment tools to advance research and give the most appropriate advice to patients. 

Do you have the experience and vision to help lead our Society?

No one doubts the importance of nutrition science and research in improving and maintaining human and animal health world-wide.

But who are the leaders in nutrition? How do you develop your skills as a leader? Does it enhance your own career and professional reputation? And what can you give to your peers, allied professions and the public more broadly by taking on a leadership role?

Does location matter? A study of malnutrition amongst Ethiopian children

The Nutrition Society Paper of the Month for March is from Public Health Nutrition and is entitled: ‘Local spatial clustering of stunting and wasting among children under the age of 5 years: implications for intervention strategies’.  Lead author, Seifu Hagos Gebreyesus, discusses the effects of location on m

Phytochemicals and health: new perspectives on plant based nutrition

Whether it is vegetarian, vegan or flexitarian, it is difficult to avoid the increasing popularity of plant based diets.  In 2014, it was reported that 12% of adults in the UK were vegetarian or vegan, and 21% of Americans reported eating less meat in the past 12 months.


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