Irish Section

The Irish Section of the Nutrition Society "exists to arrange research meetings easily accessible to Irish members and to provide a forum for nutrition education and research in Ireland".

Breige McNultySection Secretary
Dr. Breige McNulty
Research Fellow
UCD Institute of Food and Health
University College Dublin
Belfield, Dublin 4

Elections for Irish Section Committee

Once a year the elections for Nutrition Society committees takes place.  The elections consist of nominating new Ordinary Members and/or a Secretary into the committee.  A benefit of being an Nutrition Society member allows you the opportunity to nominate and vote for other Nutrition Society members to be an Ordinary Member or Secretary of the committee.

This year three committee members terms of serve comes to an end.  We therefore will have vacancies for the Irish Section Secretary and two ordinary members.  Nutrition Society members based in Ireland are entitled to nominate themselves or nominate fellow members to stand for these positions. 

The current positions available are:

  • Irish Section Secretary.  The Irish Section will be nominating Professor Lorraine Brennan to be elected to this position.  To nominate yourself or a fellow member of the Nutrition Socitey, please download and complete the nomination form for this position here
  • Two Irish Section Ordinary Member vacancies.  To nominate yourself or a fellow member of the Nutrition Society, please download and complete the nomination form for this position here.

All completed nomination forms, plus a short biography (100 words) will need to be submited by noon on 24 June via email

If you require further information or have a question, please contact us.

Irish Section Committee


Two conferences are ran in Ireland on an annual basis.  The 25th Postgraduate Conference was held on 11 - 12 February in Cork.  This conference is organised by research students who form the organising committee from the host institution, which alternates throughout Ireland each year.  The organising committee for 2016 was formed of students from the University College Cork.

The second conference is the annual larger conference.  For 2016 this will be the Nutrition Society's Annual Summer Conference titled 'New Technology for Nutrition Research and Practice' and will be held on 11 - 14 July at University College Dublin.  The organising committee will consist of Professor Lorraine Brennan and Dr Breige McNulty.  Further details about the conference can be found here.  

The Irish Section travel bursary 

These travel bursaries provide financial support to allow members of the Irish Section to present at a scientific conference or attend a scientific workshop or training event. It is expected that all those applying would normally be speaking/presenting at the event. To ensure fairness the Nutrition Society (Irish Section) has adopted the NS guidelines for the award of Travel Grants which places a limit of £350 (€400) per member to attend an overseas meeting within a 3-year period and £125 (€150) per member to attend a meeting within the UK/Ireland within a 3-year period. Please note that all recipients are expected to provide a short report within 30 days of return from the meeting and reports of general interest may be published in the Gazette, website or student newsletter. Applications will be considered for funding in February, June, November of each year with a rolling closing date for receipt of 31 January, 31 May, 31 October for respective submissions.