Renew your membership

Do you wish to renew your Membership?

To renew your membership please login to your membership account by clicking the 'My Membership Login'  button on the top right of the Nutrition Society homepage, then please use the “renew my membership” button on the landing page.

If you do not remember your password, you will need to request a new one using this link. When you have received your password, please continue as instructed above.

Have you previously been a member of the Nutrition Society and wish to re-join?

If you are a previous member of the Society wishing to re-join and you know the email address on your old membership account, then please re-join following the instructions for renewers above.

If however, you wish to renew, but cannot recall the email address you used to set the account up, please contact the Membership team or call 0207-605-6555.