The Ambassador Programme

The Ambassador Programme is used to create a link between Universities, students, and the Society.  It seeks to foster links with the Universities and spread the word about the work of the Society and its membership, range of activities, science, training, and events.  All Ambassadors need to be Society Members.

University Ambassadors / International Ambassadors

Academic staff who are members can opt to be an Ambassador at their University.  Little time is required, as the Society will keep you updated with news of membership, events, and Society activities so you can keep your students updated and extol the benefits of being a Society member.  One University ambassador per university is the norm. We are also keen to hear from International Academic Members who may be keen to take on this role in their University. For more information about the role, please see the 'Role Description' at the foot of the page or send an email to

If you are interested, please sign up here:

University Ambassador 

Student University Ambassador

University Membership Discounts:

We have some universities that pay for groups of students to come into membership and in this case, we are able to offer the following discounts via University teaching staff.

Discounts are as follows:

  • 20 - 60 students 10% discount off the fee
  • 61 - 80 students 20% discount off the fee
  • 81 - 120 students 30% discount off the fee
  • 121+ students 40% discount off the fee

For more information on the discounts please email the Membership Team.

Student University Ambassadors / International Student University Ambassadors

Full-time students can volunteer to act as Student University Ambassadors.  Ideally, you should have at least two years of your course left, this helps with continuity.  The role requires little of your time but means you can keep up to date with all that is going on at the Society and can pass this on to your peers and other students.  You will gain useful transferrable skills to add to your CV and be able to connect with other students across the country, and with the Student Section. We are also keen to hear from International Student Members who may be keen to take on this role in their University.  For more information about the role, please see the 'Role Description' at the foot of the page.

To check if your University has an Ambassador or Student Ambassador, please see the lists at the bottom of the page.

Julia Haarhuis, PhD student and Student University Ambassador, University of East Anglia and The Quadrum Institute Bioscience

Since becoming a Student University Ambassador for the Nutrition Society in May 2022, I have become more informed about the events and opportunities that the Society offers. The Nutrition Society Academy (NSA) webinars, and the career support, for example, have been very helpful for developing soft skills alongside other skills I gain while doing my PhD work. In turn, I enjoy talking with students and staff at the University of East Anglia (UEA) as well as the Quadram Institute Bioscience (QIB) about the programmes and events that the Society offers. This has borne fruit since many of those I have spoken with subsequently signed up for a Society membership.

To volunteer or for more information on discounts please contact membership.