Member-Connect is the community platform exclusively for Nutrition Society Members. The platform enables members to discuss hot topics, connect with each other and form new contacts and find information on events and opportunities which may not be available on our website collaborations.  It also brings both national and international members of all levels together, in one place, for the first time.

Quick Access instructions

With the new version of the platform, you can now create quick access to Member-Connect on your smart devices, removing the need for double sign-on.  See here for the instructions or the bottom of the page.

Click here to find out some of the many benefits Member-Connect has to offer


PLEASE NOTE: Member-Connect is a member-only benefit. If you would like to join the Nutrition Society please visit the 'Become a member' section of the website.

How to guide

To make the most of the Member-Connect, watch this 'how-to' guide below. For ease of viewing, please use the timestamps to choose what section you want to watch:

TIME STAMPS: 0:10​ - Logging in 1:08​ - Setting up your profile 2:25​ - How to Connect 3:09​ - Sending Messages 3:39​ - Create an event 3:59​ - Start a discussion 4:10​ - Share News or Create a Poll 5:15​ - Career Resources