Fats forwards – exploring the use of fats in our foods, today and beyond.

A report published by the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) on the role of saturated fats in health concluded there's no need to change current advice; we should be following dietary patterns that are lower in saturated fats, and opting for foods that have a higher proportion of  unsaturated fats.

Food manufacturers, suppliers and caterers have a particular responsibility in helping people to do this, but how can they lower saturated fats within the food chain, and what implications may this have for health?

Summer Conference 2022: Food and Nutrition: pathways to a sustainable future


Registration is open. This conference will be in person.

Deadline to register is 5 July 2022.

The Nutrition Society Summer Conference 2022 is hosted in collaboration between Sheffield Hallam University, University of Sheffield and Sheffield City Council. It will be the first in-person Summer Conference since the pandemic, held at the Sheffield Hallam University city centre campus.

Irish Section Conference 2022: Impact of Nutrition Science to Human Health: Past Perspectives and Future Directions

Registration is closed.

Modern nutrition science is young: It is less than one century since the first vitamin was isolated in 1926. Nutrition science stands upon research conducted by academia, the private sector, and nongovernmental organisations, often in collaboration across these sectors. Its evidence base is of fundamental importance to the solving of current challenges and complexities, optimising outcomes, and the prevention of harm.


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