Widdowson Award

The Society's Widdowson Award, previously known as the Public Health Nutrition Award, recognises excellence in the field of Public Health Nutrition.  The award is named after Dr Elsie Widdowson CH CBE FRS who was a pioneering figure in nutrition in the middle decades of the last century and who was a former President of the Society from 1977 until 1980.

The award will be awarded to scientists who have had a significant impact on local, regional, national or international policy or delivery, or the evidence base in public health nutrition. 

APPLICATIONS FOR THE 2017 AWARD ARE NOW OPEN.  Deadline for applications: 3 April

To apply, contact us.

Application Criteria 
  • The award is open to Nutrition Society members whose work has had a signiciant impact on local, regional, national or international policy or delivery, or the evidence base in public health nutrition
  • Applicants would be expected to have up to 20 years' relevant experience in order to have generated sufficient evidence of excellence and who have made an impact on public health. Provided this criterion is met there is no limit to the number of times an application can be made. Each subsequent application must be a new submission made in full.
  • Applications will be judged by a panel of distinguished nutritionists from a variety of institutions and areas of  expertise. Judging will consider the following criteria (not all of which need to be achieved):
    1. Leadership of projects and programmes that develop, plan, implement and monitor aspects of public health nutrition at the local, regional and/or national level. A history of contributions to strategy and policy and the ability to use evidence to set priorities in policy would be expected
    2. A record of significant or sustained contributions to public health nutrition policy, delivery, evaluation or the evidence base
    3. Evidence of extensive collaborative working, influencing and communication skills across a wide range of groups and audiences. Evidence of significant project management skills. Evidence of use of evaluation skills, of a wide range of material, for development of or change in practice of health interventions
    4. Dissemination by publication in peer-reviewed or ‘grey’ literature and policy documents accompanied by evidence demonstrating the candidate’s contribution. Dissemination may also include contributions to conferences and professional societies and evidence of the impact of an applicant’s external reach and recognition
How to apply 

Applicants for the award should submit:

  1. A full CV including publications and citation of the applicant’s work and any scholarships or awards received
  2. A statement of achievements within each category of the above judging criteria (up to 1000 words in total)
  3. An abstract summary of the proposed lecture at the 2017 Summer Conference
  4. The names, addresses and emails of three Proposers who are familiar with the applicant’s work and who will support the application

If you have any queries, please contact the Conference Coordinator, Jade Mitchell.