Rank Prize Funds: Nutrition Committee New Lecturer Awards

Applications are invited for a Rank Prize Nutrition Fund New Lecturer Award in the area of human or animal nutrition or crop science.  The grant is available to newly-appointed lecturers, researchers of equivalent status in research institutes, or fellows with their own independent support, working in a UK institution.  Applicants should be within the first two years of their appointment and will normally be 3 - 9 years from their PhD.  However, allowance will be made for career breaks.  The maximum grant will be £20,000, which can be used to fund any aspect of research that will further the applicant's career.

How to apply 

Deadline for applications: midnight on 28 August 2018

Applications should be submitted to The Rank Prize Funds using the form available on the Rank Prize Fund website


If you have any queries, please contact The Rank Prize Funds via email.