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The classical reductionist approach of considering the effects of macro/micronutrient intakes and effects of non-nutrient food bioactive often overlooks the critical effects of food structure and processing. Therefore, this conference will focus specifically on the effects of food structure and processing on health. The conference symposia will consider a range of topics, including the pros and cons of different food processing strategies, the bioaccessibility/bioavailability of nutrients and non-nutrient components in whole foods and the health effects of changing dietary patterns.

Conference aim:

To further understanding of the role of whole foods and food processing on the health effects of nutrients and non-nutrient bioactive, focusing on primary prevention and management of chronic diseases


  • To consider a range of examples where the food processing/matrix/structure is a prime determinant of health effects

  • To evaluate whether this has implications for food-based dietary guidelines

The conference aligns with all The Nutrition Society themes:

  • Nutrition in the treatment, management and prevention of disease
  • Food systems
  • Nutrition and optimum life course
  • Novel nutrition research methodologies and technologies