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Scientific Programme Organisers: 

Professor Bruce Griffin, Professor of Nutritional Metabolism, University of Surrey.

Cardio-Metabolic Risk (CMR) embodies a collection of risk factors for Cardio-Vascular Disease (CVD), which arise chiefly from the storage of excess body fat and development of insulin resistance in the viscera and ectopic sites like the liver. Its high prevalence in central obesity, and contribution of diet and physical inactivity to this condition, makes CMR accountable for much of the early, subclinical expression of CVD risk in populations, which is amenable and responsive to therapeutic lifestyle changes.  

The conference aims to explore how diet and lifestyle factors contribute to the development of CMR, and how modification of these factors can be used in practice as strategies to manage CMR, and reduce CVD risk.

The first day of this two day conference will begin with an overview of the relevance of CMR to clinical practice and public health, delivered by Professor Jean-Pierre Després. The first symposium will focus on the role of the amount and quality of dietary fats on CMR, and the impact of dietary fats on key metabolic tissues, including the liver, adipose tissue and skeletal muscle. Day one concludes with a Keynote lecture entitled: ‘The optimal diet - So many pieces to the pie!’ delivered by Professor Eric Rimm, one of the most eminent researchers in the field of human nutrition and CVD.

The second day of the conference will turn attention to the role of dietary carbohydrates; free sugars, resistant starches and fibre, and then broaden its remit to address the influence of whole dietary patterns, meal timing and drug therapy on CMR.  The programme will also include two sessions of original communications to showcase new and innovative research in nutritional science from the UK and around the world.

Join the webinar on 8 November for an insight this key topic:

The webinar, hosted by Professor Bruce Griffin, University of Surrey, who is a biomedical scientist with expertise in lipid metabolism, nutritional biochemistry and cardiovascular disease, will highlight the important role of diet and lifestyle in the management of cardio-metabolic risk factors, for the purpose of preventing premature cardiovascular diseases (CVD).   Read more.

2018 Cuthbertson Award

Scientists or clinician at an early stage of their career could be awarded for excellence in clinical nutrition and/or metabolism research providing an evidence base for clinical practice.  The successful applicant will attend and present at the Winter Conference on 5 December. Applications have now closed for 2018 Cuthbertson Award.