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Scientific Programme Organisers: 

Dr Bernard Corfe (University of Sheffield and Nutrition Society Cellular and Molecular Theme Lead) and Lauren Owen (University of Sheffield).

Recent reports suggest 70 million working days are lost to stress alone and the cost to the UK economy amounts to as much as 4.5% GDP.  With an ageing population age-associated conditions, such as dementia are becoming ever more prevalent, likewise depression and other psychopathologies are elevated risk comorbidities with obesity and unchecked rises in this condition will surely associate with a decline in the population’s mental health and wellbeing. Nutrition has been implicated in behaviour, mood and in the pathology and treatment of mental illness.

The purpose of this conference is to review where the evidence is strong, where there are unmet needs for research and to draw together the community working in this area.

"We are delighted to have so many global experts and opinion leaders agree to speak to explore the interaction between diet and mental health, to understand the difficulaties of undertaking research in this area and look at both the challenge and opportunities that nutrition offers to Public Health in this area."

Dr Bernard Corfe, University of Sheffield, Conference Scientific Programme Organsier

The conference programme will consist of plenary sessions aiming to set the scale of the problem in context, plus a series of four interlinked symposia examining the evidence linking nutrition to psychological outcomes. The mechanistic basis will be included in the scope of the discussion.  Sessions will be devoted to public health and clinical interventions.