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During the webinar, Professor Emma Stevenson will discuss the potential applications of whey protein in both sport and exercise nutrition, as well as in health and wellbeing. Professor Stevenson will review the role of whey protein in exercise recovery to optimise muscle protein synthesis, and its effect in recovery from exercise-induced muscle damage. Discussion will then follow on whey protein and appetite regulation in both endurance and resistance-based exercise. Looking towards the health and wellbeing setting, Professor Stevenson will review the role of whey protein in glycaemic control and appetite regulation in overweight, insulin resistant, and type 2 diabetic patients. 

Attendees of NSTA webinars said: 

" A brilliant way to spend a lunch break!" 

" Very useful and informative in my role as a Registered Nutritionist" 

"Webinar clear and easy to watch- a shame it only lasted 60 minutes!"