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Scientific Programme Organisers: 

Georgian Nutrition Society (GNS)


Importance of Nutrition in Preventing Disease: Current International Research, Challenges and Opportunities for Georgia.


In the modern world humankind faces many challenges of which the health of the population remains a key one.

Public Health professionals know very well that it is easier and cheaper to prevent disease than treat it, with healthy eating being a principal means for this.  Major changes in eating habits and lifestyles over last two decades created additional health challenges in Georgia, so there is a great deal that we can learn in terms of current developments in nutritional science and new approaches.

The Nutrition Society will be supporting the conference with expert speakers to discuss the latest developments in nutritional science and its role in tackling various health problems. Georgian scientists will present their view on challenges public health faces in relation with the modern nutrition and their vision for future development of nutrition and nutritional science in Georgia.