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Scientific Programme Organisers: 

Dr Frank Thies, Dr Janice Drew, Dr Derek Ball, Dr Bill Rees, Professor Alex Johnstone, Dr Viren Ranawana and Dr Stephen Whybrow, University of Aberdeen.

Dietary proteins are essential for growth and repair of the body, and maintenance of good health. While animal products are major dietary sources of protein, livestock farming has a significant environmental impact, and adaptations are required to move towards a more sustainable society.

The meeting will highlight recent developments in the field and areas of continued debate. It is structured around six symposia and will explore various aspects related to the physiological determinants for protein requirements, protein nutrition and ageing, metabolic health and disease, appetite control and weight management, novel methods for assessing protein metabolism and protein sources and their impact on environment and sustainability.

Information on COVID-19 and the Society’s Conferences
Statement date: 1 April 2020

The Society continues to closely monitor the COVID-19 situation and has now reached the conclusion that it is the correct moment to decide not to hold the annual Summer Conference, originally scheduled to take place in Aberdeen 13-16 July 2020. 

Although still 15 weeks away from the date of the Summer Conference, and the possibility that life may have returned to some form of normality by then, the Society felt it had reached the point where the uncertainty of whether the meeting would take place needed to be concluded. The Society very much regrets reaching this decision.