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Scientific Programme Organisers: 

J. Bernadette Moore, Associate Professor of Obesity and Dr Christine Bosch, Lecturer in Nutrition and Postgraduate Research Tutor, University of Leeds.

Registration is now open.  Early bird registration deadline: Midnight on Sunday 10 June

Currently the world is facing an incredibly costly epidemic of obesity. Almost two thirds of UK adults are either overweight or obese and estimated costs to the UK economy are £27 billion a year. While fundamentally obesity is a disorder of energy balance, several decades of research has demonstrated that maintaining energy balance is much more complex than the ‘Calories in, Calories out’ equation that was once touted.

The main purpose of this conference is to provide an overview of the myriad of influencing factors on energy balance, addressing varying needs across the lifespan. Speakers will provide their perspectives on the effects of dietary factors, physical activity, epigenetics and the gut microbiome on energy balance during this three day conference. The conference itself is designed to be a #HealthyMeeting, with healthy choices for food and group physical activities (to maintain energy balance!) offered throughout.

Opportunity to present your research

During the conference, there will be an opportunity to present your research within the Original Communication session or the Postgraduate Competition session. Submit your abstract online to be considered.  If your abstract is accepted, you will present your research and your abstract will be published in Proceedings of the Nutrition Society (PNS) journal. 

Deadline for abstract submissions to present in the Postgraduate Competition session: midnight on Sunday 4 March 2018.  Apply.
Deadline for abstract submissions to present in the Original Communication session: midnight on Monday 9 April 2018.  Apply.