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The term ‘processed foods’ is sometimes used synonymously with foods high in saturated fats, sugars and salt but is processing always bad? Is natural always best or can we use processing in beneficial ways? In this free lunchtime webinar we look at food processing and health in relation to three different and important nutrients: iron, fibre and fats. Possible useful areas to be considered include whether processing approaches could improve mineral bioaccessibility and bioavailability and whether processing techniques could keep the cell wall structure of pulses intact in pulse flours. Find out about this and more in this lunchtime webinar with leading experts from Kings College London Department of Nutritional Sciences. BNF will also offer a public health perspective.



Prof Peter Ellis, Dr Balázs Bajka:
Can alternative processing of chickpeas have potential health benefits?

Prof Paul Sharp, Dr Yemisi Latunde-Dada: 
Enhancing mineral bioavailability and bioaccessibility from plant-based foods

Dr Sarah Berry, Dr Wendy Hall: 
Interesterification and other processes of dietary fats; health and functionality 

Sarah Coe, BNF
Unravelling the nutribabble: A public health perspective