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Food and Health - The Royal Society of Medicine


This event seeks to recognise that the most profound effect on lifetime health is the nutrition and lifestyle of the parents in the weeks before conception and raise awareness of the acute need for support in deprived areas.


Participants will understand the scale of mental and physical ill-health that springs from lack of preconception education and care, particularly in nutrition, and the knowledge needed to be applied for family, social, and economic benefit that can contribute to peace, security and equality.

The insights and knowledge will be vital to professional practice and teaching in health and education as well as for political understanding towards generating a healthy population.

After this session, preconception care, successful so far against neural tube disorders will be recognised as the powerful means to reduce a wider range of hugely more prevalent disorders, including congenital heart disorders, obesity, diabetes as well as brain disorders, including autism and special educational needs. Speakers will also highlight that the success of preconception care against infertility as well as congenital defects can reduce the requirement for artificial reproductive technology with its raised risks, as well as increase its rate of success.


Participants will be able to:

  • Appreciate how preconception nutrition has succeeded in randomised controlled trials against the neural tube, cardiovascular, and other defects
  • See cutting-edge findings of preconception maternal nutrients on specific regions of the brain
  • Comprehend the huge prevalences and economic costs of developmental physical and mental disorders
  • Gain preconception health knowledge for medical, health, and teaching professions, politics and government
  • Understand why children need educating in conception while they have time to learn and to optimise their nutrition and health


A uniquely detailed presentation of the radical way to arrest the escalation of mental disorders and falling IQ reducing the current prevalence of congenital and non-communicable disorders will be discussed.