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During this 60- minute webinar, Professor Eric Rimm, hosting the webinar from the United States, will discuss the many pieces that constitute the 'optimal diet'. Professor Rimm will provide an overview of global obesity trends, and the shift in consumption and lifestyle due to recent environmental changes. Professor Rimm will also discuss the methodologial issues involved in studying diverse global dietary patterns, with a focus on the strengths and weakenss of using Randomised Control Trials (RCTs) to study dietary patterns, obesity and chronic disease. 

Professor Rimm will look into fad diets, the limited efficacy of low-fat diets and the importance of dietary fats and proteins to health.  There will also be discussion surrounding the Meditteranean diet, and informing on up to date evidence-based guidelines for healthy dietary patterns. 

There is an opportunity to register to participate in a simulated live version of the webinar. Please note that by registering for one of the simulated live webinars (pre-recorded), you will not be able to ask questions during the webinar.

Please see the booking information for the times the webinar is available.