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Professor Bruce Griffin, the University of Surrey, who is a biomedical scientist with expertise in lipid metabolism, nutritional biochemistry and cardiovascular disease, will highlight the important role of diet and lifestyle in the management of cardio-metabolic risk factors, for the purpose of preventing premature cardiovascular diseases (CVD).   

After setting the scene with an overview of the origins, prevalence and impact of cardiometabolic risk factors on CVD, the webinar will explore the effects of dietary fats, with a focus on saturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, ketogenic diets and how these impact ectopic fat depots like the liver and skeletal muscle.  The theme will then turn to the role of dietary carbohydrates, and the critical importance of modifying the quality of this macronutrient by reducing free sugars and increasing resistant starches and fibres. The final section will examine the evidence for the impact of modifying whole dietary patterns, meal timing and an influential factor that modifies dietary responses and is endemic to our lifestyles drug therapy.  

The principal objective will be to translate the latest, evidence-based research on cardio-metabolic risk into effective diet and lifestyle strategies to reduce its adverse impact on the development of premature cardiovascular diseases.