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This webinar aims to critically evaluate the scientific literature that examines the role of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (n-3PUFA) in improving athlete performance. Specifically, the contexts of promoting muscle adaptation, energy metabolism, muscle recovery and injury prevention (e.g. muscle loss during immobilisation, or concussion) will be discussed. In brief, this webinar argues that n-3PUFA ingestion may have benefits in promoting recovery from muscle damaging exercise and improving endurance capacity by reducing the oxygen cost of exercise. Although there is insufficient evidence to support the claim that n-3PUFA ingestion facilitates muscle growth during resistance training or preserves muscle mass during weight loss, there is preliminary evidence to support a role for n-3PUFA in mitigating muscle loss during periods of injury-simulated immobilisation. Moving forward, there remains ample scope to investigate context-specific applications of n-3PUFA intake for sport performance. Such work will have applications to athletes competing in strength/power-, endurance- and team-, based sports.

What will I gain from watching this webinar?

  • Examine the potential role of omega-3's to improve athletic performance 
  • Understand the potential benefits but need for advanced research 
  • Gain knowledge on the potential sport specific application of omega-3 

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

This webinar has been endorsed by the Association for Nutrition (AfN) (EN175).