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This hot topic webinar will provide an overview of Omega-3 fatty acids and health implications. During the 60 minutes Professor Philip Calder will provide an insight to:

  • What are Omega-3s  
  • Dietary sources and intakes 
  • Metabolism, blood and tissue levels 
  • Responses of blood and tissues to increased intake from fish and supplements 
  • Influence on health outcomes: pregnancy; infancy (visual, cognitive); childhood; adult (cardiovascular risk- importance of prevention versus treatment; inflammatory disease' cognitive function) 
  • Current recommendations and allowed health claims 
  • Plants versus fish sources 

Professor Calder will bring the webinar to a close with a summary of the topic and an opportunity to ask any questions. 

Participation Timings 

Due to the wide success of the original webinar broadcast, there is an opportunity to register to participate in a simulated live version of the webinar. Please note that by registering for one of the simulated live webinars (pre-recorded), you will not be able to ask questions during the webinar.

Attendees who participated in the webinar said:

"The speaker was extremely knowledgeable with great delivery and pace" 

"Great topic of discussion, great webinar. Thank you!"

The times available for you to register are:

Saturday 25 May, 15:000-16:00 

All start times are displayed as GMT. 

Who should participate?

Clinicians (dietitians, health care professionals, nurses), physicians and general practitioners, academic researchers and teachers, postgraduate students, food policy stakeholders, members of the food industry and commercial sectors.  


If you have any queries or for further information, please contact the Society's Professional Development Manager.