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This is part 3 of a six-part webinar series exploring the occupational challenges faced by the food and catering industry during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this webinar, join top experts in Health and Safety and Occupational Health working in the food industry.

In this webinar, dig deeper into the unique nature of the hazards in the food industry during this pandemic and the controls necessary in order for the industry to continue to work. You'll be introduced to challenges faced by the food sector and learn about recent changes implemented in order for the industry to continue to work. 

Participants can expect to:

Know about the unique challenges faced by the food industry sector during the pandemic

Be able to demonstrate an understanding of measures that were put in place in order for the work to continue

Gain value from participation with the panel in order to deepen understanding

A CPD certificate with 1 CPD credit will be issued to those joining the webinar live as well as those who watch the recording afterwards. Certificates will be issued 7 days after the webinar to those who watch it live and after 30 days for those that watch the recording. 

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This is a joint meeting between RSM's Occupational Medicine Section and the Faculty of Occupational Medicine.

This meeting is a part of the Occupational Medicine Section webinar series that will be broadcast weekly on Wednesday afternoons at 4pm.

If you would like to find out more about the series, please visit the Occupational Medicine Section homepage.