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This introductory overview webinar is designed for those without formal training in nutrition genetics, and who wish to learn about the evidence-base of genetic variations associated with common conditions such as obesity, Alzheimer's, Cardio-Vascular Disease and diabetes.  Diet and lifestyle factors, disease risk and susceptibility to various conditions will be explained and exemplified through genetic case studies.  Advances and limitations of available genetic testing methods, including their ethical, regulatory and consumer perspectives, and the acceptance and compliance of personalised advice sought by the public, will be discussed. 

The webinar has been developed by a registered dietitian with experience of working in the NHS, and who has further certification in Nutritional Genomics from the European Nutrigenomics Organisation in Wageningen (Netherlands) and in South Africa, plus practical experience in the field.  

Who should participate?

Nutritionists, dietitians and health professionals with an interest in the emerging field of personalised nutrition, nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics.  Plus, postgraduate students, early and mid-career researchers and nutrition/ diet/ food scientists wishing to expand their knowledge in this rapidly developing area. 

Watch our interview with Mariëtte Abrahams (webinar speaker) below: