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Why join the NSJC?

Each lunchtime NSJC is led by one of the Society's Theme Leaders, and provides you the opportunity to critiqually evaluate a scientific paper and engage with fellow members. Open to all members, the Assosciation for Nutrition (AfN) endorsed (EN182) NSJC is particularly beneficial for students and those working in non-academic environments, providing monthly contributions to your CPD portfolio, without access to journals. 

With nutrition receiving an increasing amount of interest from policy-makers, the press, and the public, ensure that you have the knowledge and skills to critique the latest headlines, and identify whether research is meeting rigorous scientific standards and is conducted with integrity.

This months club - Nutrition and optimum life course 

Dr Louis Levy, Public Health England (PHE), will host the next NSJC, at 13:00, 27 October 2022.

Paper title to be avaliable in due course.

To support you in thinking about what questions to ask, you may find the various CASP checklists useful. 

How to join 

Join the Nutrition Society Journal Club (NSJC) as part of your benefits as a Nutrition Society Member. Log in to your membership area and refer to the Events section to register.

Attendees who participated in NSJC said:

"I enjoy the journal clubs and will definitely be looking to join each month"

"A great way for a student to understand the critiquing of literature and the way in which to communicate such"


If you have any queries or for further information, please contact the NSTA team.