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The Nutrition Society Journal Club (NSJC) is a monthly, 1-hour session open to all Nutrition Society members, as a benefit of their membership. Each journal club will focus on a recent research paper, and be led by Dr Bernard Corfe, with a team including Dr John Brameld, Dr Ruan Elliot, Dr Wendy Hall, Dr Carrie Ruxton and Dr James Thorne, who will host the club on rotation.  Read more about the team.  

With nutrition receiving an increasing amount of interest from policy-makers, the press, and the public, there is a need to advance nutritional science through evidence-based practice and research that meets rigorous scientific standards and is conducted with integrity.

The NSJC therefore aims to promote and develop:

  • Discussion and engagement with the latest research papers
  • Development of critical appraisal skills
  • The interpretation and communication of research findings.

Attendees who participated in NSJC said:

"I enjoy the journal clubs and will definitely be looking to join each month"

"A great way for a student to undertand the critiquing of literature and the way in which to communicate such"

Next Journal Club

The May club will be led by Dr John Brameld. The BJN paper 'Leucine promotes porcine myofibril type transformation form fast-twitch to slow- twitch through the protein kinase B (Akt)/Forkhead box 1 signalling pathway and microRNA-27a' will be discussed. Please take the time to read the paper before the club, to maximise your engagement opportunity. To support you in thinking about what questions to ask, you may find the CASP checklists useful, which provide checklists for each study design. 

How to participate? Further information on the logistics of participating within the Journal Club are provided when registering. Read more

Continuing Professional Development (CPD):

The Journal Club has been endorsed by the Association for Nutrition (EN182).


If you have any queries or for further information, please contact the Society's Professional Development Manager.