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The Society is offering complementary COVID-19 webinars, delivered by the NSTA, to NHS colleagues. With appreciation for the extensive efforts of all NHS colleagues and all frontline workers, webinar registrations are available both live and pre-recorded to accommodate all of those wishing to participate. Please email from your NHS email address, alternatively list your work email address to confirm your place. Due to the situation surrounding COVID-19, the NSTA added daily viewing times to this webinar. 

This webinar will explore how the immune system adopts different, though related, approaches to deal with pathogenic bacteria and viruses; why good nutrition and specific nutrients (mainly various vitamins and trace elements) are important to support the immune system and how those nutrients work; which nutrients might help to protect against respiratory infections; and how the gut microbiota affects the immune system and could reduce risk of respiratory infections. Where data from coronavirus infected patients are available they will be included. Severe respiratory infection with coronavirus can result in acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and requires ventilatory support. ARDS is typified by a so-called cytokine storm, which is an out of control inflammatory response that becomes damaging to the individual. Findings from nutrition trials in critically ill patients with ARDS (but not related to coronavirus) will be reviewed, along with a recent Cochrane meta-analysis of this approach.