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Nutrition Futures 2020 Conference will be a diverse and interactive experience for all nutrition science students and graduates or perspective students intending to study food and nutrition and dietetics related subjects, created by the Nutrition Society Student Section in partnership with Coventry University.

Conference attendees will have the opportunity to develop essential skills to help build their career from learning how to effectively network to how to create a job seeking strategy within a developmental and supportive environment.  As well as receiving career support, conference attendees will gain knowledge across a range of disciplines and areas of nutritional science research.

The conference will include a careers panel enabling engagement with representatives from the charity, media and communications, sports, political, industry, and academic sectors, as well as an opportunity for authors to practice presenting their research or research proposal to gain invaluable feedback and to gain collaboration.

Who should attend the conference?

Nutrition Futures 2020 is suitable for undergraduates and postgraduates studying or having studied on nutrition related courses, as well as prospective students intending to study food and nutrition or dietetics related subjects.