This free virtual event will bring together eminent speakers to consider new and emerging understanding of the interactions between COVID-19 and obesity, immune function and the gut microbiome, new information on vitamin D in BAME groups, and a discussion of the strengths, limitations and future requirements of the nutrition science evidence base. There will also be a live panel discussion, where attendees will be invited to ask questions of panellists.

To complement the event, the BNF Annual Lecture will be given by Professor Hilary Powers, University of Sheffield, and a series of British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) Awards will be presented to celebrate the work and achievements in food and nutrition of individuals at different career stages, including early career scientists, school teachers and the winner of the 2020 BNF Prize.


9:30 Welcome 
Professor Judy Buttriss, British Nutrition Foundation

9:45 The evidence-base underpinning diet-disease relationships - advances and future needs 
Professor Christine Williams, University of Reading and Academy of Nutrition Sciences

10:00   Obesity as a risk factor for COVID-19  
Professor Jason Halford, University of Leeds

10:15 Nutrition, immune function and COVID-19    
Professor Philip Calder, University of Southampton

10:30   Vitamin D, COVID-19 and BAME groups:  Current Controversies and Future Perspectives 
Professor Susan Lanham New, University of Surrey

10:45 Comfort break

11:00 BNF in COVID-19 climate: learnings and future plans
Sara Stanner, British Nutrition Foundation

11:15   Emerging evidence for the role of the human gut microbiome in COVID-19 infection outcomes 
Professor Glenn Gibson, University of Reading

11:30 Panel discussion - chaired by Professor Judy Buttriss 
Speakers, plus Dr Sarah Berry, Kings College London, and Judith Batchelar, Sainsbury’s

12:10 The BNF Awards 2020 – championing nutrition science 

The BNF Prize 
Pump Priming 
Early Career Scientist 

12:20 BNF Annual Lecture
Riboflavin and friends; remarkably versatile vitamins
Professor Hilary Powers, University of Sheffield

13:00 Close