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This webinar, in the Hot Topic series, will provide an overview of the immune system, changes over the life course, and the implications to an ageing population. During the 60 minute webinar, Professor Philip Calder will provide insight to: 

  • Immune system changes over the life course
  • The ageing population – numbers, morbidities, costs
  • How the immune system changes in older people (thymus, cells, low grade inflammation) – effects on infection risk, vaccination response and non-communicable disease risk    
  • Why good nutrition is important for supporting the immune system (and modulating low grade inflammation)
  • Some specifics on nutrition and immune decline in ageing
  • Microbiota interacts with the host immune system
  • Microbiota changes with ageing
  • Probiotics and age-related immune decline

Participation Timings 

Due to the wide success of the original webinar broadcast, there is an opportunity to register to participate in a simulated live version of the webinar. Please note that by registering for one of the simulated live webinars (pre-recorded), you will not be able to ask questions during the webinar.

Attendees who participated in the webinar said:

"The platform was very easy to access" 

"The presentation was very clear. Professor Calder started with the basics and progressed well into the research" 

The times available for you to register are:

Wednesday 5 June, 07:00-08:00

Saturday 15 June, 11:00-12:00

Thursday 27 June, 13:00-14:00

Monday 8 July, 12:00-13:00

Thursday 25 July, 21:00-10:00 

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