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In collaboration with International Food Information Service (IFIS).

In today’s information landscape, finding information can feel, superficially, extremely easy.  Billions of research articles are published electronically.  Multiple tools are available to search for them.  But finding high-quality information can be surprisingly hard.

Being adept at finding quality, relevant, scientific literature is therefore a fundamentally important skill in nutritional science. Scientific literature is a main vehicle for researchers to disseminate, to share with the global community of nutritionists and nutrition students, their research findings. 

Whether a student, a practitioner, or researcher, people in the field need to know how to find good, relevant, literature.  Ideally, this literature will shape learning, inform current practice, and be the foundation upon which new research is built.

What will I gain from watching this webinar? 

  • Gain an understanding of common literature searching errors and the repercussions of these errors.

  • Develop a deeper knowledge of the current research ecosystem and its potential hazards, including predatory journals and fake science

  • Get an introduction to some practical literature searching tips and learn about future opportunities for in-depth literature searching training and support.  

  • Build confidence in your ability to find quality, relevant, peer-reviewed nutrition research literature.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

This webinar has been endorsed by the Association for Nutrition (AfN) (EN175) and Food and Health Information (IFIS).