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Scientific Programme Organisers: 

Institute for Food Science and Technology (IFST) Food Regulatory Special Interest Group (SIG)

Food packaging is key to supporting food safety and product integrity as well as a critical focal point in environmental sustainability efforts. 

Food contact material regulatory requirements are in place generically but specific requirements for all types of food packaging materials do not currently exist in the UK. This webinar aims to update the audience on the status and future developments for UK packaging legislation.

Many jurisdictions outside the UK have specific requirements in place relating to composition, contaminant levels and methods for determining compliance. 

Tracking and interpreting food contact materials requirements and best practices is essential to support safe and legal food packaging fit for its intended use, as well as innovation and implementation of suitable new food contact materials. This is especially the case for alternative materials and recyclate for use in food packaging. 

Live Q&A

Target audience: Technical managers; Food safety, regulatory, quality and specifications teams.