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Scientific Programme Organisers: 

Insitute for Food Science and Technology (IFST)

More manufacturers are looking at new ways to extend shelf life, reduce food waste and become more sustainable. Part of the solution for the food industry in working towards these goals, and a popular consumer choice, is frozen food. 
Taking the decision to freeze products needs careful consideration. Space, quality, regulatory, operational, flexibility are all areas that form a part of the decision-making process. 

Hosted by industry experts who have worked in this field for many years, this event explores the choices for those looking to freeze with cryogenics and examines the basic freezing methods and techniques. It also outlines equipment choices and options that may be suitable for particular food types. 
By the end of the session, you’ll have a high-level understanding of the fundamentals of cryogenic freezing. This session is suitable for many role types in the food manufacturing industry, from R&D through to quality and compliance. 

Target audience: IFST members, non-members, food technologists, researchers and npd teams