Scientific Programme Organisers: 

Organised by the Institute of Science and Food Technology's (IFST) Food Innovation Special Interest Group.

Bake In Space was a startup that sought to "address the scientific and technical challenges relating to the production of fresh food in space in order to improve the wellbeing and comfort of humans travelling beyond Low Earth Orbit."

In order to improve astronauts’ well-being on long-duration missions such as on a Moon base or on a mission to Mars, food plays an essential key role. Besides a source for nutrition, fresh food evokes through all the senses of smell, touch and taste memories of general happiness and home.

The goal of the project was to conduct a series of technology demonstrations related to the production of fresh bread aboard the International Space Station (ISS). This entails recreating the value chain from growing grain to baking bread in micro-gravity. The experiment is split up into 5 phases, which will be realised on future astronaut missions to the ISS in order to advance the goal of food self-sustainability in space. Bake in Space will generate commercialisable spin-offs that will benefit us here on Earth.


What participants will learn about:

Challenges of producing food at Zero-G, complex and high-tech project management, cross disciplinary science – heavily focused on food technology and nutrition, risks of consuming certain foods at Zero-G – equipment wise.


Who should attend:

IFST members, non-members, food Scientists, food technologists, nutritionists, project managers and academics