Scientific Programme Organisers: 

Organised by the Institute of Food Science and Technology's (IFST) Food Regulatory Special Interest Group (SIG)

Food uses a wide range of different types of primary, secondary and tertiary packaging to transport and deliver food to consumers which protects product safety and integrity, supports shelf life, avoids food waste, and permits practical product placement on shelf for sale.

Switching to using less packaging and selecting more sustainable packaging materials that avoid negative environmental impacts is both a critical and urgent need for the food sector. 

The challenge we face is making wise choices of alternative food packaging materials and formats. Food packaging needs to remain safe and legal as food contact materials and fit for their intended functional purpose to protect the food product for the entirety of its shelf life. Supply of alternative packaging materials and formats needs to be available to meet demand, both now and in the future, and at a price that is affordable. Coordinated systems for collection, recycling and reuse of food packaging need to be available.

This webinar will offer an expert panel to share their technical expertise and practical experience around to the challenges of moving to environmental sustainable packaging whilst ensuring safe and legal and fit for purpose food contact materials and formats. There may even be some suggested solutions and approaches on offer. 

What participants will learn about: 

Food contact materials and formats for use as more sustainable food packaging and the challenges faced in moving towards switching from current food packaging to more sustainable packaging materials that avoid negative environmental impacts. 

Target audience:

IFST members and non-members, food packaging businesses technical managers and new product developers, government and NGO regulatory policy developers, students.


IFST member - Free
Non-IFST member - £25.00
Student Non-IFST member - £5.00