The aims of the European Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation are to prevent misleading claims, to promote innoviation in the food industry and encourage consumers to make healthier choices. But is the regulation having the desired effect and do consumers trust and understand the health claims that they see on foods and drinks?

Research indicates that the wording of health claims is one of the biggest challenges related to the regulation reported by food and drink manufacturers. The official wording of authorised EU health claims is set by the European Commission (EC), although companies may make changes providing they don't alter the meaning of the claim. Consumer understanding and acceptance of health claims is influenced by a variety of factors including personal knowledge and familiarity with the information, characteristics of the product and the way the claim is presented (e.g. wording and visual aids such as symbols).

This webinar is part of the EIT Food-funded Healthclaims Unpacked project, led by linguistics experts at the University of Reading, which is exploring how the factors that affect consumer understanding of claims. The webinar aims to explore the challenges faced by industry when using health claims on pack, including differences in interpretation of the Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation, the level of guidance provided to industry and local enforcement of the Regulation between Member States. In addition, new research from the project describing consumer responses to health claims will be presented and a demonstration of a prototype tool on the wording of health claims for manufacturers will be given.

This British Nutrition Foundation webinar is aimed primarily at food industry professionals and may be of particular interest to those working in nutrition, regulatory affairs and marketing.

Register today to join the webinar live on the 3 December 2020 or if you can't make it at this time you can also watch it at a later date.