The Dairy Council is hosting a series of study days with the experts on dairy, nutrition and health, across Great Britain throughout June for health professionals and health writers with an interest in nutrition and the latest developments in dairy and health.

The study days will provide insights into hot topics on dairy, nutrition and health including:

  • dairy and cardiometabolic health,
  • dairy and obesity,
  • dairy and healthy ageing (muscle and bone health).

The Dairy Council will distribute a series of new reports and factsheets for health professionals at each event.

There will be opening lectures on the latest evidence around saturated fat, dairy and cardiometabolic health and obesity followed by an afternoon session on healthy ageing with expert discussion.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Professor Ian Givens (Birmingham, Cardiff, London)
  • Professor Julie Lovegrove (London)
  • Professor John Cockcroft (Cardiff)
  • Professor Berit Heitmann (Glasgow, Newcastle, Birmingham, London)
  • Professor Craig Sale (Cardiff)
  • Dr Javier Gonzalez (Newcastle, Cardiff, London)
  • Dr Anestis Dougkas (Liverpool, Birmingham)
  • Dr Tom Hill (Glasgow, Newcastle, Liverpool, Birmingham, London)
  • Dr Leigh Breen (Glasgow, Newcastle, Liverpool, Birmingham)
  • Dr Ben Green (Glasgow)
  • Dr Eileen Gibney (Glasgow)
  • Dr Emma Feeney (Newcastle)
  • Benoit Smeuninx (Cardiff, London)

These events are endorsed for CPD by The Association for Nutrition and will take place on various dates at various locations. Please select dates and locations by clicking register now.