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Studies on the impact of when we eat on metabolic health, also called chrono-nutrition, are on the rise in the past few years. Chrono-nutrition is very relevant as our temporal dietary patterns are changing. Changes in temporal eating patterns could be due to a rise in people working in shifts, people consuming more meals outside the home and overall eating patterns having become more irregular, including more breakfast skipping and night-time eating. Temporal eating patterns are a possible modifiable risk factor for cardio-metabolic diseases.

Many of the metabolic processes in our body follow a 24hour pattern, also called a circadian pattern. Disruption of these circadian patterns or misalignment between the timing of eating and endogenous circadian systems can have adverse health effects, including impaired cardio-metabolic health.

This presentation will report on findings and insights on epidemiological evidence of meal timing on cardio-metabolic health, including type 2 diabetes and time-restricted eating.

What will I gain from watching this webinar?

  • Gain insights into the health effects of meal timing 
  • Look at the influence of time-restricted feeding on type 2 diabetes management 
  • Understand the adverse health effects of disrupted sleep.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

This webinar has been endorsed by the Association for Nutrition (AfN) (EN175).