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Scientific Programme Organisers: 

The British Society of Animal Science

The conference is a platform on which to discuss a holistic approach to define the role of animal science in solving the world’s food crisis and how we can, globally, address the challenges of food security, nutrition and production

The BSAS Annual Conference 2020 will:

  • champion advances in animal science
  • stimulate the incorporation of research into practice
  • support initiatives that promote high welfare and sustainability

The Conference will discuss:

  • how human health and well-being is affected by the Challenge of Change
  • the interface between humans, animals, and the environments we share
  • how we unify approaches to improve animal health and welfare whether companion, zoo, equine or wild

Who should attend?

You should attend the BSAS Annual Conference 2020 if you are:

  • interested or involved in animal science,through industry or academia
  • work with animals and livestock
  • are involved in the care, sustainability and utility of animals