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British Nutrition Foundation


LUNCHTIME WEBINAR: Hungry or Full? Responsive feeding in young children

The early years are a crucial window for the rapidly developing child to learn to accept and like healthy foods and establish long-term dietary patterns that can reduce risk of obesity, chronic diseases, and oral health problems.

Given that the foods young children are exposed to depend primarily on their caregiver, feeding practices associated with healthy eating are a key area of interest. 

More responsive feeding styles, understanding and responding to when children feel hungry or full have been widely advocated for establishing longer term positive eating behaviours. 

This British Nutrition Foundation webinar will explore this important area in early years nutrition looking at what we mean by responsive feeding, why is it important in developing healthy eating habits and for weight management in later childhood and what may be needed to support caregivers to adopt this approach. 

Register to join the webinar live on the 14th December or to watch it at a later date.