British Nutrition Foundation 45th anniversary conference: Behaviour change in relation to healthier lifestyles

To celebrate their 45th anniversary, the British Nutrition Foundation is holding a conference on behaviour change in relation to healthier lifestyles. The continuing obesity epidemic, alongside very low levels of physical activity and nutritional issues in various sectors of the population underline the need to understand how best to encourage long-term lifestyle behaviour changes.

This conference aims to explore the evidence for effective behaviour change, in particular for weight loss, improving diet quality and increasing levels of physical activity and to describe case studies that have successfully modified behaviour to improve health. In order to promote discussion, BNF will be preparing a discussion paper to set the scene on behaviour change in relation to diet and lifestyle and to outline key issues. It will also help shape the panel debate in the afternoon. This will be made available to delegates shortly before the conference.

For further information please visit the British Nutrition Foundation website.

Event Dates: 
Tuesday, 26 June, 2012 - 08:00
The Royal College of Physicians, London NW1 4LE
Event Type: 
External Event