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Scientific Programme Organisers: 

Holly Roper ANutr, Brittany Pearse ANutr, Dr Yvonne Finnegan RNutr and Dr Emma Williams RNutr.

Industry Nutritionists work amongst a diverse range of projects and hold varying levels of responsibility within the food industry. Their presence allows for many regulatory, communication and product decisions to be influenced by the latest scientific evidence. Yet, despite years of successful industry and academic collaboration – it still remains a complicated area to navigate, with many perceived barriers to entry for both academics and industry nutritionists wishing to facilitate further research. Therefore, this virtual meeting will highlight and celebrate the vital relationships between the food industry and academia, bridging the gap between evidence-based nutrition knowledge and large-scale commercial communications, to support the health of consumers. This event is for you if:

  • You are an academic keen to learn how you could collaborate with industry partners to facilitate large-scale change in the food environment
  • You are an industry nutritionist who wants to better understand how industry-academic partnerships work and to find out how they could help within your category
  • You are a nutrition society member (student or professional) who would like to get a taste of what a Nutritionist in Industry event looks like, and have the opportunity to network with likeminded peers.